I authored a book "Kite Precision, Your Comprehensive Guide for Flying Controllable Kites"

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Here is one of my award winning routines.
The story line is that the first 2 kites represent snake charmers trying to entise the serpentant to come up into the sky and  dance with them. Once there the charmers leave the serpant to dance alone.
The music is Arabian Dance.


Simple Paper Sled Kite
Here is the pattern for a very easy to make kite. The pattern is presented with dimensions that are in relative units. The basic ratio is 4 units wide and 3 units tall. An 8-1/2 by 11 inch piece of paper is close enough to this ratio to make a very nice kite for children. Use your computer to put some appropriate graphics on it in the landscape format. Use sewing thread for the bridle and flying string. If you want a larger kite use a white kitchen trash bag. Cut it to the 4 X 3 proportion. Cut off the corners in accordance with the instructions. Color it with felt tip markers. Use some 1/8 inch diameter dowels at the locations indicated. Use regular kite string for the bridle and flying string.


Here are some select synchronized routines flown by my competitive sport kite team TOTL The Flight Squadron

Highly Technical Precision Routine

Choreographed Ballet Routine flown in very low wind.